STANDARD Membership

A flat rate which includes:

  • Open gym access

  • Weightlifting development small group classes twice per week

  • 2 days a week of powerlifting, functional bodybuilding or specific program

  • Meet preparation and guidances

  • Guided classes and feedback from RP staff

  • Relaxing on the cafeteria…

CHF 98.-

per month

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Small group to reach your goals with accuracy

Spotter for your safety and push your limits

We are dedicated to you because it’s our passion!

Day Pass

CHF 18.-

1 Month

CHF 98.-

3 Month

CHF 255.-


Solo session:

A 60 minutes to review your nutrition and workout, personalized for you.

CHF 130.- per person

Duo Session:

Bolstering motivation and team working for 2 ahtletes or future athletes.

CHF 195.- for two

3 Month follow on:

A complete approach and study of your life style. Fitted Workout and nutrition to reach your goals.

CHF 550.-