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RedSpear Powerlifting Gland

Why choose to train with a Red Spear Powerlifting coach?

A gain in motivation !

Starting training with a particular sports coach requires a real investment and it is not always easy to take this step. Above all, you have to be in tune with yourself. You must also know how to be aware of the obvious contribution of a coach in a process of physical and mental change. When you workout alone, you tend to take it easy and save energy. With your personal sports coaching, you will achieve a higher level of performance. It will help you get to know your body better by helping you in particular to better manage your fears about going beyond yourself. It will also help you push your limits as you progress and motivate you in a workout.

Get advice on your nutritional choices

Having a sports coach at RedSpear powerlifting is more of a mindset than a choice. In addition to providing you with personalized training and giving you additional motivation, Frédérique Smeth will give you the keys to surpass yourself and make your program a success. This corresponds in particular to the modification of your rhythm of life and more specifically of your eating habits.
This is a whole, when you embark on a process of physical and mental modification, it is very important to adopt a very specific balance of life according to your goals.
This is almost the little extra with RedSpear coaching, your Coach is as well qualified on the sports program best suited for you, as on the nutritional choices that result from it.

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