With his experience in rowing both nationally and internationally, Loïc demonstrated to us how to use the Concept2 Rower.

The entire RedSpear Powerlifting team was won over by it, which is why we want to share with you members and non-members the optimal use of what is called an ergometer.

As part of weightlifting training, strength training or endurance sport, the rower has become an essential piece of equipment in modern gyms.

Whether it is for preparing the body for effort, endurance training or explosive strength training, the Concept2 rower has found its place.

RedSpear Powerlifting therefore offers you:

One or two mornings from 10:00 to 13:00

When? Saturday September 19th

For who ? Beginners, experienced athletes and coaches seeking to increase their knowledge.

Rate : 76.- CHF for the morning, drinks included

Lunch : Canadian Buffet (registration needed)

For maximum efficacity : 12 persons max. 

Topics and Objectives

Ergometer : Basic technical and possibilities of use

Goal: Become autonomous

Each participant knows the minimum “good” technique required to be able to improve on their own. Assimilates the knowledge allowing him to become aware of the points to improve and increase the profitability of his machine.

Duration: 3 hours

Program :

A. Technical learning and theory (yes there is some)

B. Workout 1: Endurance 20 min (speed and cadence)

C. Practical exercises, self-corrections, distribution of drill tools for self-improvement.

D. Workout 2: Strength 30 min, Drag factor 200