RedSpear Powerlifting is home for competitive athletes. We do create together nutrition and workout programm designed to properly fit your goals. From powerlifting, bodybuilding, strength conditioning, we are committed to share our passion of the body transformation. As soon as you come in, one of us will take care of you, and share a coffee together … if you have need for a kick off.

My name is Frédérick,

Owner of RedSpear Powerlifting which is a Powerlifting and strength conditioning club.

Patented by the Physical Education and Sports and Outdoor Life Administration, the Royal Military School of Physical Education, bodybuilding competitor, as well as CrossFit and Powerlifting athlete, I gained some serious experience.

The practice of collective sports and physical fitness since the age of 11 (in hiding using my Grandpa’s dumbbells while watching Rocky), allowed me to reach national level in Volley ball, and international level in bodybuilding, which for my part is an extraordinary way of life.

Vice champion of Belgium, Top 10 at Mr Univers, International Grand Prix, Winner of the Panatta Cup, … always in the heavyweight category!

At the approach of 50 years old, the sound of the cast iron plates, the absolute effort and the feeling of fullness during and after the effort still make me vibrate.

Eager to share that, I created RedSpear Powerlifting and gave my club an authentic soul.

Training in the purest style of athletic strength, the search for aesthetic balance and health combined with the pleasure of exchanging a joke during training.


Jon : Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach L-2

Spartan Race Athlete

Army instructor

Gaetan : Personnal Trainer Fit’s Pro

Combatant pro en MMA , jiu-jitsu brésilien


To comply with health regulations, individual or small group training (2 to 3 people) is applied in our club. The equipment is disinfected regularly and hydroalcoholic gel is made available.